Saving Products

Regular Savings

Group Saving

In this saving, member have to deposite at least Rs 100 or can deposite more per months.


Center Fund Saving

While taking the loan by the member, the 5% of the loan is deposited to the this saving. This saving can be withdraw after 5 year or will be return back to the return back to the member when they are dropout.
This Saving will not be continue when the member pension scheme is continuous and must be the more than the amount of Rs 200 per month.

Education and Pension Saving

In this saving, member have to select the time duration either 10 or 15 year and continuously have to deposit certain amount in the center meeting .It Will be return back according to the following Schedule.

Optional Savings

Personal Saving

In this saving, the member can deposit and withdraw the amount as they want in the center meeting. And at least Rs 200 balance must be in this saving.

Festival Saving

Selecting the festival, member can deposit tha amount for the festival and can only withdraw the amount for the selected festival.

Welfare Fund Saving

If a member will be late in meeting or to pay the loan payment in time, the amount is collected as a punishment and deposited to the welfare fund. This amount will be used only for the welfare of the center and this can be withdraw only by the center member not individual.

Motherhood Saving

For the safe motherhood and care of disease in the future, we motive the member for saving the amount in it.

In all savings the member will get 8% interest per month and charge quarterly.