Life & Housing Scheme

After being the member in the programme, the member have to pay Rs 100 every one year as the life and housing scheme. in this scheme, if member will be dead the nominee person will be paid Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 amount. If the husband of member will die, than the 50% of the amount will be given to the member which is paid to the member dead. Rs 1000 will be gien to the delivery of the member but not more than 2 baby. And for the natural disaster like flood and fire, the member will be paid up to Rs 2000.

Lonnie Security Fund Scheme

It is a scheme where the member have to pay 0.7% of the loan so that if in case anything happen then according to the rule the remaining outstanding will be concession. The time duration of scheme will be 1 year.

Domestic Animal Scheme

A scheme of the domestic animal which is brought from the loan where 6% while be collected as the scheme. In the case of damage, 80% will be refundable and the time duration of the scheme will be 1 year only.

Center Evaluation & Prize 

For the development of the member welling power and to maintain discipline every year the evaluation of the center will be held and according to the evaluation of the center will be honoured by different prize  for the different reason.

Social Work 

To keep the society clean, well socialized and to provide knowledge for the development of the society ,we will run the programme ,in the coordination of the center member.