Centre for Women Right and Development (CWRD)

CWRD is an initiative of a group of visionary people working together for women empowerment through various ways. Registered as an NGO in GON, CWRD has recently expanded to extending its services to micro-credit banking. With collaboration between various persons and organizations, CWRD is exploring and initiating women empowerment for both; socio-cultural as well as…

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Message From Director

Initially, the organization primarily worked on women rights awareness for more than 22 years. Later, it focuses its priority on income generation too. From 30 years of program implementation, mainly the women rights awareness, the organization experienced and learnt that the rights awareness and economic empowerment activities (income generation and financial services) should go together in a sustainable track. From this learning, the organization through its financial intermediary service formed women led- micro finance and handed to its members on 2015. Since then, CWRD as a separate organization continuing women empowerment program as a holistic approach integrating the awareness and income together. For the future, it has envisioned to expand its services at wider and intensive level.

Our Projects

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  • Referral system

    We make necessary arrangements for the patients of rural villages that require the medical and surgical intervention at tertiary hospitals through the use of a referral system with our partner hospitals. With an MHN referral a patient will be charged a very nominal fee or no fee at all depending upon the patient’s economic condition.

  • Tertiary Hospital and Clinics

    MHN aims to build a nonprofit tertiary level hospital that would provide quality treatment for a very low price to anyone and free treatment for the underprivileged. Any revenues from the hospital would go to MHN so that it can continue to carry out its projects and make health care accessible to those residing in…

  • Library Project

    We donate books to local libraries and schools in Nepal. We wish to enable children who may not have access to a public library to discover the world of books. We also provide child friendly chairs and tables, colorful carpets, listening centers, puppets, motivational posters and more if possible.

  • Health Education and Training

    We provide training to female community health volunteers and local leaders in areas such as primary health care, reproductive health, maternal and children’s health and emergency first aid. We also provide health education to the school children of different grades through various interactive and multimedia techniques.


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