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Message From The Chairperson

CWRD is an initiative of a group of visionary people working together for women empowerment through various ways. It is registered as an NGO under Government of Nepal in 2049/50 B.S. From the period of establishment, it is working for the improvement of women’s in the fields of economical, political, social and cultural aspects supporting by providing them training and other equipment.. Read More


responsive screensMicrofinance is a movement whose object is “a world in which as many poor and near-poor households as possible have permanent access to an appropriate range of high quality financial services, including not just credit but also savings, insurance, and fund transfers”. Many of those who promote microfinance generally believe that such access will help poor people out of poverty, including participants in the Microcredit Summit Campaign. For others, microfinance is a way to promote economic development, employment and growth through the support of micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Our Services

  1. General Loan

  2. Seasonal Loan

  3. Emergency Loan

  4. Special Loan

  5. Micro-Enterprises loan

  6. Collateral Loan

  7. Motherhood Loan

  8. Housing Loan

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1.Regular Saving

  1. Group Saving

  2. Center Fund Saving

  3. Education and Pension Saving

2. Optional Saving

  1. Personal Saving

  2. Festival Saving

  3. Welfare Fund saving

  4. Motherhood Saving

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  1. Loannie Security Fund Scheme

  2. Domestic Animal Scheme

  3. Center Evaluation & prize

  4. Social Work

  5. Mobile SMS

  6. Public Audit

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Remittance Partners