CWRD is an initiative of a group of visionary people working together for women empowerment through various ways. It is registered as an NGO under Government of Nepal in 2049/50 B.S. From the period of establishment, it is working for the improvement of women’s in the fields of economical, political, social and cultural aspects supporting by providing them training and other equipment. Now to support more and deeply, CWRD has recently expanded to extending its services to micro-credit banking with collaboration between various persons and organizations; CWRD is exploring and initiating women empowerment for both; socio-cultural as well as economic independency of women.


*To raise consciousness of women about socio-cultural and socio-economic discrimination against women

* To facilitate the process of unity amongst women, saving-credit banking, agricultural and other entrepreneurial trainings to women of even remotest part of country.

* To provide non-mortgaged micro-credit facilities to women below the line of poverty by grouping them together, group liabilities being financial intermediaries.

* To work on women empowerment and for infrastructure development through poverty alleviation.

* To promote and develop sustainable micro-financing systems to meet the financial needs of the poor.

* To provide the training services (On saving credit, Gender, entrepreneurship, PRA, Community management, Leadership, Skill development) as per the demand of GOs, NGOs, and other private stakeholders.

* To collaborate with other organizations working for similar causes and to implements programs with focus on improvement of women’s socio-economic condition.


We want to ensure women representation, financial and social independence of women and most important of all women leadership in every nook and corner of society.


The goal of CWRD is to deliver service, through action and in a cost effective manner, that helps accelerate the process of women’s development and poverty alleviation for women emowerment through micro-financing activities.